US working to ease tensions between Greece and Turkey (VIDEO)

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The United States is actively working towards easing mounting tensions between NATO allies Greece and Turkey, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Matthew Palmer said on Wednesday.

During an online event by the German Marshall Fund, Palmer referred to the Turkish infringements of Greek airspace and said the tension have been going on for years, as have American efforts "with allies and partners to promote talks".

“We are working with our allies and partners to promote dialogue, to promote the responsible management of areas where disagreements have been reported and to work to deescalate points of friction before they evolve into crises,” Palmer said.

Regarding the situation at the Evros border, Palmer noted that in March he had the opportunity to visit Alexandroupolis and "encouraged Turkey to work to reduce these tensions," he said, which have been de-escalating.

Yesterday it was announced that hundreds more security forces will be sent to the Greek-Turkish border.