Dead, tortured dolphins wash up on Greek shores



A Greek marine conservation body reported the discovery of a dead seal and three dolphins that washed up on the northern Dodecanese, clearly tortured and mutilated.

The 'Archipelagos' Institute of Marine Conservation reported on Thursday the discovery of the seal mammals, unknown as yet if the murders were committed by a Greek or a Turkish fishing vessel, as trawlers from both countries are active in this sea region.

According to the institute, although this species of dolphin has not previously approached fishing vessels, in recent years spinner-dolphins have been swimming near trawlers more often, as the continued overfishing has depleted food sources. Judging by their injuries, "it is clear that the dolphins were pulled alive on the deck of fishing boats and were thrown back into the sea still alive but with their fins cut off so that they couldn't swim, eventually suffering a torturous death", emphasised the Director of the institute Thodoris Tsibidis.

Konstantinos Aravossis, Secretary General for Natural Environment & Water of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, has reportedly asked Archipelagos institute to coordinate actions with ministerial and other authorities to investigate and fully document the situation.

This latest report comes only weeks after the Archipelagos institute reported the recent killing of seven Mediterranean seals (Monachus-Monachus) found dead at Greek shores.