Commuters to pay less for public transport from Monday



Public transportation tickets in Athens and Thessaloniki will be cheaper as of Monday, June 1, after the government's broader relief measures to support citizens, businesses, and tourism after the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

The cost of a 90-minute ticket drops to €1.20 from €1.40 in Athens and to €0.90 from €1 in Thessaloniki.

In Athens, the price of 10 tickets plus-one-free drops to €12 from €13.50, while a ticket to the Athens International Airport is reduced to €9 from €10.

Regarding travel cards, the monthly cost is reduced to €27 from €30, the quarterly to €78 from €85, the six-month to €155 from €170 and the annual travel card to €300 from €330.

More specifically, holders of monthly travel cards, purchased before the transportation restrictions, can now automatically renew their card for one month, free of charge.

Passengers who have purchased 3-month, 6-month and annual travel cards will get 55 free days of travel, equivalent to how long the restrictive measures were in effect.

These prices will be in effect from June 1 to October 31.