Rome says that Greece forcing Italian tourists into one week quarantine is wrong

2 12

2 12

Rome considers Athens' decision to quarantine Italians wrong, while at the same time restaurants, bars and museums open in France today.

The Italian government considers that the borders should be opened immediately for the unconditional arrival of Italian tourists, despite the coronavirus pandemic not fully overcome in Italy.

Rome also rejected the Greek decision that Italians must enter quarantine - even if only for a week - once arriving at Greek airports from areas of northern Italy.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo added that "Italy believes in the European spirit, but is ready to close its borders to anyone who does not respect it," indirectly threatening Greece, that has an excellent handle over the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Di Mayo is expected to travel to Athens on June 9.

"We believe in cooperation and reciprocity. In this spirit, I will make these three visits. When I go to Athens, I will have with me all the epidemiological data to show the situation in all the Italian regions," the Italian diplomat stressed.

At the same time in France, entertainment is being reintroduced to people's lives. From today, citizens will be able to visit restaurants, bars and cafes that were on lockdown since mid-March.

The tables in restaurants and cafes will be at least one meter apart, while up to ten customers will be allowed at one table.

From now on, French citizens will also be able to travel freely throughout the country without documents and checks from the authorities.

In Paris, guests will only sit outdoors as the French capital has been designated as a controlled risk area on the country's coronavirus map. This means that the easing of precautionary measures will take place in a more controlled manner.

It must be noted that the use of a mask in museums, theatres and gyms will be mandatory for everyone.