On this day in 2007, Cypriot actor Sotiris Moustakas passes away

Sotiris Moustakas

Sotiris Moustakas

Sotiris Moustakas is regarded as one of the greatest Greek comedian actors in history. He was born on September 17th, 1940 in Limassol, Cyprus.

Moustakas was described as an "Actor without a Label" because he played in a variety of theatrical plays (many different genres), films, television series, videocassette movies and many more, with great reviews and success in all of them.

He graduated from the National Theatre of Greece and was known for his portrayal of offbeat, neurotic yet likable characters.

Sotiris Moustakas

Sotiris Moustakas' acting career lasted for over five decades, with the 1960s–80s being his most successful years.

His international film debut came in 1964 in the Oscar-winning 'Zorba the Greek' starring Anthony Quinn, in which he played Mimithos, the village idiot.

For that film Moustakas lost his Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor only for two more minutes of filming. As Moustakas said, they had filmed many more minutes of playing, but they didn't put all the scenes on the film's final cut.

His last cinema performance was in the 2007 Goya Award-winning film El Greco, where he played "Titian".

He sadly passed away on June 4, 2007. Moustakas collapsed while rehearsing a production at a local theatre, and died after being transferred to an Athens hospital, He was 67 years old.