Art installations at Geroskipou beach, Cyprus promote environmental awareness

Bottle caps Photo Elena Daniel
Bottle caps Photo Elena Daniel
*Image credit: Elena Daniel

Two art installations at Geroskipou beach in Cyprus which aim to promote environmental awareness and sensitivity, were inaugurated on Friday, according to Cyprus Mail.

The installations are part of a wider municipal plan for similar actions that promote recycling and protect the environment, the mayor said.

“We have involved the children of Geroskipou Primary School in this action and they have enjoyed being part of it,” mayor Michalis Pavlidou told Cyprus Mail.

The fish Photo Michalis Pavlides
*Image credit: Michalis Pavlides

The installations were a co-operation between the municipality, the centre for research-AKTI, artist Elena Daniel, and teachers and students from the Second Primary School.

The first artwork is a large metal fish which was designed by Elena Daniel and created by Antonis Menikou, said Pavlidou.