Survey finds one in three Greeks are no longer worried about coronavirus



According to a survey conducted by ALCO on behalf of the Athens Medical Association, one in three Greeks are no longer worried about coronavirus, while 83% agree with the government's lockdown measures.

Specifically, 36% of respondents said they were “not worried” about the pandemic, while 43% said they were “quite worried” and 21% said that they were “very worried.”

The survey was conducted between May 11 and 18, which coincided with Greece's gradual lifting of restrictions imposed on March 23.

The vast majority believe that the measures implemented were the right ones, however 2 in 10 believe that they were too strict.

The survey also found that the perception of doctors and the public health system improved significantly.

Greece is getting ready to reopen even more. Phase 7 of the country’s plan starts on Saturday, allowing the resumption of dozens of entertainment and leisure activities.