George Floyd murals in Greece

George Floyd murals in Greece
*Image credit: Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

Artists around the world have created murals depicting George Floyd to memorialise his death and show solidarity against racism.

George Floyd died on May 25 when Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin used his knee to have Floyd in a chokehold for over 8 minutes, with the victim pleading for his mother and repeatedly saying that he cannot breathe.

Those visiting the mural say it’s a powerful symbol.

In Athens, the mural is the work of Greek visual artist Hambas.

George Floyd murals in Greece

In Larissa under the Alcazar Bridge, another public artwork is used as a tool to urge action and commemorate the 46-year-old man.

The mural reads: “From Greece to America – Struggle to breathe freely” and was created by Larissa artist Maria Eleni-Thalassinou.

*Source: Astra TV