Two Greek destinations listed the safest to visit during coronavirus pandemic

Two Greek destinations listed the safest to visit during coronavirus pandemic

Two Greek destinations listed the safest to visit during coronavirus pandemic

European Best Destinations, a travel website developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe, has listed two Greek destinations among the safest to visit this summer in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The travel website said that Greece is one of the European countries least affected by coronavirus with up to 50 times less people infected than in the most affected European countries.

European Best Destinations, which was republished by the famous Lonely Planet travel website, added that "the Greek healthcare system has never been overloaded during this health crisis. Moreover the country has more hospital beds per capita than many European countries."

The first destination listed by the travel website was Corfu, describing it as a "paradisiacal Greek island" that is the "perfect destination to recharge your batteries after this stressful period."

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"Corfu is the place to be if you want a holiday that combines relaxation, sun, and nature," added the website.

The website then asks, "How would you like your next holiday? In the sun, on the beach? Would you like to taste light and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, stay in a villa, or a tourist apartment or a family hotel?"

"Preveza is for you.," answers the website, adding "Preveza is definitely a perfect choice this summer for a family holiday in one of the safest destinations in Europe."

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Parga, Preveza

The website explains that "Preveza has all the ingredients for a safe destination" as the region is "surrounded by 3 hospitals ready to welcome travellers when/if needed (including a university hospital) and is located just 10 minutes’ drive from Aktion Airport."

However, Corfu and Preveza are just some of the Grecian islands and towns waiting to welcome tourists, so why would you want to go anywhere else?

Last weekend during a visit toSantorini, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that Greece is ready to welcome tourists this summer with priority to health safety.

“When the summer tourist season comes full circle,” said Mitsotakis, “we will be able to say that we did not just manage the first wave of the pandemic in an exemplary way, but that we also set the bar very high on how we can reopen tourism safely – above all else,” he exclaimed.

When asked if opening the country to visitors might jeopardise the government’s efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Mitsotakis said that “there is no risk-free approach…we are doing the best we can” and emphasised that the economy will operate under “very robust guidelines” enforcing social distancing and other measures, such as mandatory wearing of masks in transport as well as by all catering personnel.

“I believe the worst (of the pandemic) is over and I don’t think a full lockdown will be necessary…in case of a localised outbreak, we have the medical and civil protection infrastructure in place to tackle it safely and efficiently,” Mitsotakis said.