Cypriot President: Turkey wants to turn Cyprus into another Syria or Libya

2 25

2 25

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades reaffirmed his will to fight for a solution to the Cyprus problem.

"We will continue to fight so that it is perceived by Turkey and by all those who support us, that the solution of the Cyprus problem is for the benefit of Turkey as well, it is for the benefit of all the Cypriot people, but it is enough for some not to consider this. The island will be another Syria, another Libya, another Iraq, in the plans of the Blue Homeland,” underlined Anastasiades.

He said, "Our homeland is also blue, in the sense that it is surrounded by a sea that is blue, and as a dominant country it has Exclusive Economic Zones and we are all watching the violations, the second invasion of Turkey.”

"We are all watching what is happening in Syria, we are all watching what is happening in Libya, we are watching the challenges against the Hellenic Republic," he added.

In his speech, Anastasiades said that he proved that he tried to follow the vision of the party's founder, Glafkos Clerides, for the reunification of Cyprus.

As he said, “for the first time since the creation of the problem, after the invasion and occupation of our homeland, we managed the EU to be present at the negotiating table, we succeeded in Turkey participating for the first time in the dialogue for a solution to the Cyprus problem, we succeeded in for the first time to present a map of territorial areas where the two communities would coexist peacefully.”

"But," he continued, "it could not be driven to lust because Turkey insists on positions that serve neither the Turkish Cypriots nor the Greek Cypriots but only its own strategic interests. And I would not be able to accept that because it would be enslavement of the whole Republic of Cyprus to the bulimia or the wills of Turkey.”

In addition, referring to the comments made in connection with the reports in a recent TV interview on a RIK show (that in the event of an armed conflict it will be the end of Cypriot Hellenism), the President of Cyprus clarified that "these have nothing to do with it.”

What he said is that "based on patriotic realism, what is dictated is for a politician to be able to choose the weapons he can use in order to achieve a goal. And militarisation is not one of the weapons offered. But from saying that militarisation is not what will give the result, until some people interpret that this is just a sign of Anastasiades' surrender, they are mistaken."

"And we have modernised," he said, "and we have a modern army not to attack, but as a powerful deterrent, and we will continue to do so to defend our territories,” he emphasised.