22 Mayors call on Greece to open border with Bulgaria
Mayors of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace are requesting the immediate opening of the Nymfaia border station and the gradual reopening of the other border stations with Bulgaria, after a conference held on Monday.

At the same time, they call on the government to ban the exit of Greek citizens (except in special cases). The teleconference took place on Monday after the recent ban on the passage of tourists from the border stations of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

“We are unable to understand and accept the recent government decision to declare the border station of Promachonas Serres as the only gateway for Balkan tourists to northern Greece. This decision conflicts with any common sense and cannot stand up to any bona fide criticism. And obviously no one in Greece in 2020 can invoke the impossibility of setting up 2-3 control ladders, as a counterweight to the economic catastrophe of hundreds of tourism businesses and thousands of employees in our region,” the mayors of the Eastern Macedonia Region stressed in their unanimous vote.

At the same time, they decided to immediately set up meetings with the relevant government ministers, as well as to inform the Regional Governor Mr. Metios and the MPs of the Region, and “invite them to a joint struggle to overthrow the gloomy tourist” season.

The movement of vehicles is smoothly carried out at the Customs of Promachonas

Meanwhile, the situation on the border with Bulgaria in Promachonas has normalised since Monday. The flow of vehicles is continuous and there are no queues and delays. A new element is the increase in Hungarian travellers. Since July 1, more than 100,000 travellers have crossed the border into Promachonas. About 15,000 of them were Serbs. Bulgarians and many expatriates from Europe continue to cross the border as they come to Greece for their holidays.