American ship displaying the Byzantine flag arrives in Greece (VIDEO)

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The American Naval transport ship ARC Endurance sailed to the port of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece carrying American forces.

Not only is the ship transporting American soldiers to Alexandroupolis, it also has the Greek flag flying high, next to the flag of the Byzantine Empire.

Could it be that the American choice to display the Byzantine and Greek flags is connected with Hagia Sophia's conversion into a mosque and with the general situation in Greek-Turkish relations?

The ship carried members of the 101st Air Force Brigade in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which is deploying at least 9,000 US troops to Europe for training.

As of this morning, a second American ship, the "USNS YUMA", which belongs to the American armed forces, is also in the port of Alexandroupolis.

It is identical to the Carson City Ship that sailed last year in order to assist the US military forces that are in Alexandroupolis. This year, the soldiers are preparing to be transferred to Romania, for this year's major NATO exercise.

The ship is in the port of Alexandroupolis after a 5-day journey from the port of Rota in Spain.

According to Evros News, USNS YUMA is brand new and was built in 2017. Its total length is 103 meters and its width is 28.5 meters.

It moored next to the huge American transport ship "Endurance" which has been in Alexandroupolis since noon on Tuesday and started unloading military equipment on Wednesday.

Some of the military equipment loaded included tanks and other vehicles of the American NATO forces. Helicopters have already started to be assembled in order to then "fly" to Romania from Demokritos airport.

Although the ship displayed the Byzantine flag, the U.S. government led by President Donald Trump remains indifferent to the Hagia Sophia conversion and Turkish aggression against Greece.