Former Turkish Admiral wants the Aegean Sea to change its name because it is Greek

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The architect of the Turkish-Muslim Brotherhood Libyan memorandum to steal Greek maritime space, Cihat Yaycı, is now calling for the name of the Aegean Sea to be changed, proposing that it be renamed the "Sea of ​​Islands" or "Northern Mediterranean," because he does not like the Greek name given to the arch.

"Turkey should not use the word 'Aegean', which has Greek roots," said the recently fired admiral from the Turkish Navy because of his opposition to Defence Minister Hulusi Akar.

His comments were made during the inauguration of the Department of Shipping and Global Strategy at Bahçeşehir University in Constantinople.

The retired admiral even called for Turkey's Aegean Province, which is one of the seven geographical regions of the country, to be renamed.

Yaycı said "In fact, we recommend that the existing be remembered and changed. The authorities evaluate to change or not change it. It can be called "Sea of ​​Islands" or "North Mediterranean" instead of the Aegean Sea. This place passed as the Sea of ​​Islands in the Ottoman period. "I think it is much more convenient to get" Western Anatolia "here. Turkish naming is important."

Emphasising that the seas are not only water bodies, but also a source of wealth, Yaycı said, "Turkey's borders are 70% at sea. consists of 70 sea percent. The protection of our rights at sea and interests is very important for future generations. We believe that wealth source is very important for the future of future Turkish generations at sea. This next generation for us must think 'We must keep the trust, we should not give it to anyone'."

Yaycı then commented on Libya and Turkey's policy. "Turkey showed a strong stance accordance with international law. By supporting the legitimate government is endeavoring to the future of the Libyan people. Turkey is currently in a position corresponding to the position of Libyan history, which is not an imperialist position. It never has been no imperialism and it is not already in our genes," he said.