Pakistani Migrants Sentenced After Kidnapping, Extorting, and Raping Teen in Thessaloniki

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Two Pakistani migrants have been sentenced to 14 and nine years in prison respectively after they kidnapped a 17-year-old, blackmailed, and raped him.

The incident took place in the city of Thessaloniki last year and saw the two Pakistanis, aged 25 and 29, kidnap the teen and keep him captive for 24 hours. During that time, the two men forced him to contact an uncle living in Spain to send the two men money.

The migrants were able to extort around €200 euros from the teen who they stripped naked and videotaped, telling him that they would make the footage public if he did not co-operate.

One of the two men was also accused of raping the teen.

In their defence, the migrants claimed the teen had borrowed money from the 25-year-old, and he had invented the entire ordeal to convince his uncle to send him money to pay back the loan. The victim did not testify in the case as a witness and was not present for the trial.

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