Tourism Minister: Greece is laying the foundations for tourism in the coming years

greece tourism

greece tourism

"No reduction in protection measures, the government has a complete plan and no employee should worry," Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis told Parliament on Wednesday.

He further explained that "our country has prepared and implemented, first of all, a comprehensive plan for the protection of Greek citizens and tourists, which is expressed at multiple levels. We opened tourism with the utmost care and with absolute priority to the safety of all. Not the slightest reduction has been made in the protection and control measures for Covid-19."

The minister noted that when tourism employees were tested, not a single positive case was identified.

Theoharis reiterated that "we did not open to third countries, although there is pressure. We are careful and always rely on what epidemiologists tell us. The tests show us that we do not have many imported cases. In a percentage we have 1 in 1,000."

Referring to his recent announcement- the reopening of Greece’s cruise sector from August 1, the minister said that the decision was made after being consulted by health experts and in relation to the necessary protocols. "Greek doctors have created cruise protocols for all of Europe and are a model for the whole world. These protocols include laboratory testing for all passengers before boarding, for all crew members prior to taking up their duties. And, in addition, updates every two weeks, training, physical distancing, hand hygiene, etc. Daily monitoring of crew health is also part of the daily protocols, while there is a written contingency plan which provides for early detection and response steps in the event of an incident at sea. We follow these protocols and they allow us to be world leaders. The Greek government is doing everything to safeguard the health of workers," Theoharis stated.

In conclusion, he explained that "the gradual opening of Greek tourism, with all the measures that are implemented literally for the safety of tourists, workers and residents, aims to help stimulate the economic situation after the outbreak of the pandemic. (...) However, the major thing is that in the current extremely difficult situation, Greece is laying the foundations for tourism in the coming years, seeking to ensure the acquis and maximise the benefits for the future.