Greece's Shipping Ministry increases capacity for ferry travel

ferry travel

ferry travel

Greece’s Shipping Ministry announced a new loosening of restrictions in ferry travel on Sunday.

Based on the new measures, the maximum passenger capacity allowed on ferries increases to 80% (from the current 60%) for ships that don’t have cabins and to 85% (from the current 65%) for those that do.

Authorities are also increasing the number of people per cabin to four, only if they are first-and/or second-degree relatives, or people with special needs who need assistance.

The operational passenger maximum capacity on high-speed and catamaran vessels may be raised to 80% from the current 50%, only if they have the necessary air filtering systems, known as High Efficiency Particulate Air systems.

The social distancing measure of a minimum 1.5 meters among all passengers and at any time stays in effect, they added, while violating these preventive measures carries a €150 fine to passengers and crew and an administrative fine of €1,000 to the shipowner, manager, masters and government certification bodies and agents.

Protocols may be revised, if epidemiological data changes.