Greek woman recalls moments after Beirut explosion

Beirut blast

ellinida viritos livanos ekrixi mati 05 08 2020

Lebanon's cabinet declared a two-week state of emergency in the capital city, following a massive explosion in Beirut on Tuesday, that killed at least 135 people and injured 5,000 others.

The testimonies of those who lived through the horror, are also shocking.

Anna Armaou, a Greek national living in Beirut, shared her account of the incident, Protothema reported.

"I was home, I live on the fourth floor. There was nothing left, everything was destroyed. They took me to three hospitals and there was no place to put me," the injured Greek woman told SKAI.

Hospitals in Beirut are overwhelmed with casualties, with four of its hospitals out of service due to damage by the explosion.

"Blood was running from my face and eyes, people were running like crazy on the street," she continued.

Armaou lost her eye in the deadly explosion.

At the time of the explosion, she was not near windows, however the shock wave was so big that broken windows fell on her, which caused many small cuts all over her body.

Armaou's house was very close to the port and has been completely destroyed. "I loved Lebanon, but now I want help from my own country," stressing that the horror she experienced makes her feel like she no longer wants to see the city she used to live in.

"I want to go to my homeland," she concluded.

  • What happened: A massive explosion ripped through central Beirut, near the city’s port. It sent up a huge mushroom cloud-shaped shockwave, flipped cars and damaged distant buildings. It was felt as far as Cyprus.
  • The possible source:  Officials are blaming highly explosive materials stored in a warehouse for six years.

An investigation is under way to find the exact trigger for the explosion. Lebanon's Supreme Defence Council said those responsible would face the "maximum punishment" possible.