Greeks are more prepared to go to war than Turks are, poll finds

Greeks are more prepared to go to war than Turks are, poll finds

Greeks are more prepared to go to war than Turks are, poll finds

A poll has found that Greeks are more willing to go to war with Turkey, compared to Turks willing to go to war with Greece.

Kapa Research analyzed several issues relating to Greek-Turkish relations, including the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque, gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, the predisposition for the use of the army in case of violations of sovereign rights, and views of world leaders.

On the subject of Hagia Sophia, the vast majority (86%) of Greeks said that Turkey should keep Hagia Sophia as a museum. Only 45% of Turks also believe that the historic church should not be turned into a mosque.

On the issue of the exploitation of natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, the positions are diametrically opposed. Greeks (91%) consider that research carried out by Turkish ships in the region violate international law and have become a factor of instability in the region. 81% of Turks say that their country has rights in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and properly conducts exploration for gas and oil fields.

In the hypothetical scenario, where things get worse and if at some point the Greek and Turkish government considers that the sovereign rights of Greece/Turkey are being obstructed or violated, both nationalities want to exhaust the possibilities of dialogue instead of war. However, the inhabitants of Greece are more prepared for military use (46%) than Turks (35%).


The issue of coronavirus worries the residents in Turkey as according to the research, 77% state that they are worried that they or a member of their family will get sick. In Greece, only 54% are worried.

As for the leaders, 95% of the population in Greece has a negative or rather negative view of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, while 55% of Turks themselves have a negative view of their president. On the other hand, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis enjoys 53% acceptance in Greece and only 9% in Turkey.

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As for the leaders of other countries, it seems that in Greece the most liked are Emmanuel Macron (76% positive opinion) and Vladimir Putin (31% positive opinion), while the most disliked are Donald Trump (14%) and Boris Johnson (11%). In Turkey, the most beloved are Angela Merkel (51%) and Vladimir Putin (37%) and the most disliked are Emmanuel Macron (11%) and Donald Trump (8%).