Art flourishes in Nafplio!

14 contemporary artists display their creations on the pedestrian street of Vasileos Konstantinou in the centre of Nafplio.

Two of the structures displayed at the open-air museum, as reported by Iefimerida:

Open-Air Museum of Contemporary Art in Nafplio

Monumental and straightforward is “I am a Monument”, by Nafsika Xypolia and Vangelis Zervopoulos.

The sculpture which is made of white plastic crates, resembles the dense meaning of the monument, loaded by the weight of history, and is self-signified as a monument itself.

This pervasive monumental leads to critical questioning such as the reckless use of plastic.

Open-Air Museum of Contemporary Art in Nafplio

Two glass panels are illuminated from sunrise and sunset, leaving colourful reflections on the ground.

The ‘Solstice’ by Magda Mara measures time through the movement of shadows.