Electric car subsidies in Greece

Electric car subsidies in Greece


Individuals, taxi drivers and companies, of any size, can now apply online for a state subsidy on a new electric vehicle.

The platform, kinoumeilektrika.ypen.gr, opened at 5 p.m. on Monday, the Ministry of Environment and Energy said.

Individuals can apply for a subsidy on a new electric car, motorcycle, tricycle or even bicycle; companies are not subsidized for buying electric bicycles and taxi drivers can only buy a car and will have to retire an old-technology taxi, for which they will get extra subsidization. Individuals can also retire an old vehicle, but not a bicycle, and companies can retire up to three vehicles, or six, if they’re based on the islands.

All applicants can choose between a wholly electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, emitting less than 50 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Individuals alone can also apply for a subsidy of 500 euros for a home charger, as public outlets are still rare.

An overriding condition for a subsidy is that applicants have an offer from a vehicle seller and that they submit a statement signed by the seller as to the vehicle’s price, before taxes.