Vandals desecrate church in Xanthi

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At the center of an unexplained attack by unknown vandals was a small church located next to the inactive factory of SEVATH in Xanthi in northeast Greece near the Turkish border.

It was built at the offer of the residents of the Alexandros Baltatzis area of Xanthi, but has now been abandoned.

Believers who entered the chapel of St. Alexander saw the gloomy image left behind by the vandals, who had invaded the small church at an unknown time and had scratched the faces of the saints from the icons.


In fact, it was not the first time that vandalism was revealed in the church, which presents an image of abandonment.

The intrusion and damage to the chapel were reported to the local police who are investigating to locate the priests, while a team of the Criminological Service took fingerprints from the site in an attempt to identify the perpetrators of the vandalism.

Meanwhile, the case of re-infection is being examined for the 45-year-old who had fallen ill in August.

The coronavirus continues its issues in Greece and according to Proto Thema, the experts are examining the possibility of re-infection in a patient in Xanthi.

Specifically, a report by OPEN TV focused on the case of a 45-year-old from Xanthi who was first found positive for the coronavirus last April.

Since then, he underwent another 8 tests which were performed because of his work and always resulted as negative. However, two weeks ago he tested positive for the coronavirus again.