The Kallisto minesweeper is impossible to repair

The Kallisto minesweeper is impossible to repair 1

The Kallisto minesweeper that collided with a cargo ship is reportedly impossible to repair.

According to Kathimerini, the ship was literally cut in two and the towing to the port of Salamis was done in two parts.

In fact, according to Kathimerini, it is considered virtually impossible for the damages to be repaired so that the Kallisto can be navigable again.

According to officials of the Coast Guard who had undertaken the coordination of the rescue and towing operation, the Polish captain of the Portuguese-flagged Maersk Launceston cargo ship is already with the Central Port Authority of Piraeus who is conducting the preliminary investigation.

Contrary to earlier reports, the captain has not been arrested.

According to the same sources used by Kathimerini, a total of 22 sailors, all foreigners, were aboard the Portuguese-flagged ship.

The ship will be inspected in order to determine if it is navigable.

During the preliminary investigation, the testimonies of passengers and pilots of other adjacent boats who may have seen how the collision took place will be sought, while the members of the crew of “Kallisto” will also be examined.

The Kallisto minesweeper.

Crucial to the investigation of the causes of the accident will be the control of the device that collects the data of the voyage of the cargo ship – something like the so-called “black box”.

The inspection will reveal many of the circumstances of the accident, ie the speed at which it was sailing, its exact position, the captain’s conversations with other vessels or even with the Navy ship.

It is noted that during the towing of the minesweeper, the captain and three other members of the crew remained, while the two injured were transported by boat to the nearby Naval Hospital.

The Kallisto minesweeper is impossible to repair 2
The Kallisto minesweeper.

According to Coast Guard officials, during the departure of the cargo ship, there was a navigator on its bridge. When disembarking, the truck was sailing at a speed of 16 knots, a speed which is within the limit.

Then, there is a big slowdown to 16 knots and then 5. In his attempt to avoid the minesweeper, he makes one last maneuver, but cannot avoid collision.