US President Trump issues statement commemorating OXI Day

US President Trump joins Greek Americans in commemorating OXI Day

US President Trump joins Greek Americans in commemorating OXI Day

US President Donald Trump issued a message on the occasion of OXI Day, which you can read here-

"The United States has been a stalwart ally and supporter of Greece since its independence in 1821. The U.S. and Greece have fought side by side in defense of freedom and liberty in multiple wars against tyranny and communism, including World War I, World War II, and the Cold War.

OXI (“No”) Day commemorates this day in 1940 when the Greek government answered “No” to a request by the Axis Powers to occupy Greece. Greece’s heroic determination to fight for liberty culminated in Greece's defeat of Mussolini in World War II - the first Allied victory against the Axis Powers. Greece’s victory provided a symbol of hope throughout occupied Europe and around the world.  Today, America celebrates its historic, reliable and strategic alliance with Greece and all her citizens."

It is recalled last month the U.S. President Donald Trump had two phone conversations with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

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  1. Are we now supposed to believe that because Mr Trump has RECEIVED two calls from PM Mitsotakis, and that a junior staffer wrote this weak press release, that Mr Trump cares about HELLAS at all?
    He IS a friend of Erdogan and has so stated to quite a few Islamic nation leaders who visited him.
    He has business interests in Turkey, but, to the best of my research, not even a post office box anywhere in Hellas.
    He has visited Turkey several times but has he even been to Hellas at all? Not that I can find
    And even REUTERS today had a story about his close friendship with the Turkish tyrant