Turks harass Greek fishermen in Greece's own waters

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Greek fishermen were harassed by Turkish fishermen in Greece's waters.

In particular, Turkish fishermen seem to be fishing even three to four miles just off the coast of Lesvos in an area of ​​clear Greek jurisdiction.

In fact, the Turks make remarks to their Greek colleagues even when they are operating in Greece.

The captain, Stratis Karantonis, spoke about the situation on MEGA.


"A boat of the [Greek] Coast Guard also came, a boat about 10-15 meters long. The Turkish ones are iron boats, 40 meters long. What should the Coast Guard do to them? They have no fear, they do not care for anyone," he said. "When we go fishing there, in Greek waters, they tell us to move because we will spoil their fish."

"If we go ten meters into Turkish waters to fish, the Turkish coastguard comes immediately and the consequences are great. There's no joking with the Turks," he added, reiterating that the big Turkish boats are not afraid of the Greek Coast Guard.

According to Karantonis, the Turks fish in Greek waters, and then sell these fish in Greece.

"The Turks catch the fish, and in the morning, these fish are in Greek markets."

"We fish three miles off our coast, and the Turks two miles off our coast. We go there and it is a 'war' that takes place every day," said the Greek fisherman.