Mount Athos shuts its doors to visitors again

Mount Athos shuts its doors to visitors again

The monastic community of Mount Athos will shut its doors to visitors until the end of the month, at least, in a bid to protect the monastic community from the coronavirus.

In the announcement, the special ecclesiastical council said that only a specific number of staff and associates would be granted admission and then only by invitation.

Monks will only be allowed to leave Mt Athos with a special permission slip.

Greece is currently observing a nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

Visiting Sacred and Holy Mount Athos

In 2018, GCT spoke to 23-year-old Dimitri from Sydney, Australia, who visited the Holy Mountain and experienced a journey like no other.

“It’s something every man needs to do in their lifetime, especially for someone that is spiritual. You have to experience Mount Athos for yourself to understand the benefits you gain on a spiritual, mental and emotional level.”

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