10-year-old girl writes letter to the Greek PM worried her birthday party will be cancelled

10-year-old girl writes letter to the Greek PM after her birthday party is cancelled

At the end of October, a 10-year-old girl from Igoumenitsa, a coastal city in northwestern Greece, wrote a letter to the Greek Prime Minister expressing her anxiety that her 11th birthday party (in November) would be cancelled due to the covid-19 measures.

The letter was sent before Kyriakos Mitsotakis imposed a nationwide lockdown and night curfew.

The little girl was heartbroken that she might not be able to spend her birthday with her friends.

The letter says: 

“Mr. Prime Minister,

I am writing this letter to you because in 26 days I have my birthday and I am worried that if you put us in lockdown I will not be able to have a birthday party. My friends will not be able to come and so I will be alone and my birthday will suck.

So, if you intend to quarantine us again, know that you owe me my birthday. You already owe me Carnival, Easter, August 15, Clean Monday, May Day and all the summer festivals.”

The Greek PM, who is a father himself, replied back to the young girl:

“My dear…

I’m very sorry that the lockdown will ruin your plans but you understand that it is done to protect those we love the most.

I wish you happy birthday and I am sure that next year you will have the most beautiful and big birthday party.”

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