Greece bans public gatherings

Greece bans public gatherings

Greece bans public gatherings

The Hellenic police announced a four-day ban on public gatherings from Sunday 15th November - Wednesday 18th November.

The ban comes as Greece prepares to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising.

November 17 commemorates the Athens Polytechnic Uprising in 1973, which was a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974.

The uprising actually began on November 14, 1973, and escalated to an open anti-junta revolt and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 after a series of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the institution.

Every year, a march from the Polytechnic School to the US Embassy takes place.

Those who do not comply with the measures, will be fined.

  • €5,000 for organisations which organise and execute any protest
  • €3,000 for each individual who organises a public gathering
  • €300 for each individual who attends a public gathering

Last week it was announced that the Polytechnic uprising commemoration is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In 2020 we did not celebrate March 25, October 28, we do not celebrate anything that unites us, the same will happen with the Polytechnic,” Greek Minister of Civil Protection,  Michalis Chrysochoidis said.

“When the country opens, we will all be together to celebrate the big holidays,” he added.