Illegal immigrants and German journalists arrested in a wooden shack in Lesvos

Items taken from the German journalists.

The action of a 45-year-old Canadian living illegally in a wooden shack in Lesvos, where 25 illegal immigrants and three German journalists were found, has come under the microscope of the police authorities.

The 25 foreigners of African origin were located near the settlement of Palios and arrested, but then the men of the Security of the Central Port Authority of Mytilene and the Port of Mithymna found a hut in a plot of land in the mountainous area of ​​Sykamino, Proto Thema reported.

The illegal immigrants did not have travel documents and the police also arrested the German journalists.

A laptop, a camera with its accessories, a telephoto lens, a camera, four external hard drives, two power banks, a digital audio recorder, two wireless microphones, eight memory cards for a camera, a wireless keyboard and two sim cards were confiscated.

Items taken from the German journalists.
Items taken from the German journalists.

Everything was sent to laboratories for investigation and to examine the content of the storage media, while a car was confiscated.

After being prosecuted for supporting illegal immigrants but then apologizing to the Mytilene investigator, the Canadian was released, as were the three Germans who own the electronic and digital items.

The port authorities continue the investigations in cooperation with the Directorate of Security and Protection of the Maritime Borders.

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