Notis Sfakianakis arrested on drug, gun possession (Updated)

Notis Sfakianakis arrested on drug, gun possession

Panagiotis “Notis” Sfakianakis, one of the most successful singers of his era, was arrested on Sunday in the suburb of Argyroupoli, Athens.

Authorities set up a roadblock on the corner of Vouliagmenis Avenue and Iasonidou Street, to ensure compliance with strict coronavirus measures.

Around 8pm, police pulled over the well-known singer. During the covid-19 compliance check. the police asked the singer to open a bag he had on him in his Range rover. During the search the police found it to contain an unlicensed 9mm gun, a taser and a white substance.

The singer told police he has the gun because he feared for his safety. He did have a permit for the gun but it had expired but due to coronavirus he had not renewed it.

As for the white substance, he said “It’s what you think it is,” he told police according to Proto Thema newspaper.

The singer was travelling in the area during the lockdown, however, he had sent an SMS and had permission to be travelling.

He was taken into custody and will appear in front of the prosecutor’s office today at 10am.



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