Turkey is preparing Syrian mercenaries to fight in Kashmir: report


Turkey, which has previously sent Syrian mercenaries to Libya and Azerbaijan, is preparing to send fighters to Kashmir to fight against India.

According to ANF News, which quoted local sources in northern Syria, Abu Emsha, the head of the Turkish-backed Suleyman Shah Brigades terrorist organization that is a part of the so-called Syrian National Army, informed his members five days ago that Ankara wanted to reinforce Kashmir.

The head of the terrorist groups, Abu Emsha, said that Turkish officers would later ask the commanders of other terrorist groups to list the names of those who want to go to Kashmir.

Abu Emsha stated that those who will go from his terrorist group will be registered in a list and they will receive $2000 in funding. Abu Emsha told the militant fighters he met that Kashmir is a mountainous region like Artsakh.

Local sources stated that Ankara has been conducting this activity in Azaz, Jarablus, Al-Bab, Afrin and Idlib for a short time, picking the names of the fighters to go. The sources say they will be transported secretly.

The Turkish state stands by Pakistan on the Kashmir issue against India. Like Qatar, Pakistan supports the Turkish state's invasion attacks in Northeast Syria.

Location of Kashmir.

The official news agency of the Turkish state, Anadolu Agency, reports that the problem between India and Pakistan in Kashmir is equivalent to the Artsakh problem.

The Turkish state's attempt to send terrorists to Kashmir, according to ANF News, comes at a time of escalation between Pakistan and India.

On November 13, both forces fired intensively against each other in the Kashmir region. At least 13 people died and dozens were injured in the mutual attacks.

The clashes and bombings took place along the 740km control line separating Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) from Jammu Kashmir (India). Five days ago, three Indian soldiers and three terrorists died in clashes on the same line.

Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers, since their independence in 1947. The conflict over Kashmir has been the reason for major wars between the two countries since then.

Ankara has also became active in Pakistan and Bangladesh for them recognize Turkish occupied northern Cyprus.