Turkey accuses Greece of military escalation

Turkey accuses Greece of military escalation

Turkey accuses Greece of military escalation

Turkey has blamed Greece for provocative and escalatory military activities in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean according to a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Sunday.

The ministry pointed to the fact that Greece will have carried out 24 military operations in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean with “11 NAVTEX” and “12 NOTAM” announcements since 20 October 2020.

The statement further accuses Greece of keeping communications channels closed on military issues and hence prevents NATO Secretary-General’s de-confliction initiative from being carried out.

“As a matter of fact, Greece has not participated, since 9 October 2020, in the meetings planned to be held by NATO Military Authorities.

“Greece cannot solve her bilateral issues with Turkey by relying on others, but only by sitting at the table and through dialogue and cooperation with Turkey.

“Greece can only resolve its bilateral issues with Turkey by sitting at the table, cooperation, and dialogue, not by relying on others,” said Hami Aksoy, the ministry spokesman.

Turkey to never “compromise its sovereign rights” in Kastellorizo

The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced it would not abandon its “sovereign rights” in Kastellorizo or airspace covering 10 nautical miles, despite the possibility of sanctions imposed against it.

The statement was made in response to an article by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias in the newspaper Ta Nea.

“Greece, as the spoiled child of Europe, aims to provoke European Union sanctions on Turkey based on its maximalist and illegitimate maritime boundary and airspace claims,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement before the upcoming EU Summit.