First baby in the world born with COVID-19 in Attikon Hospital

Attikon Hospital.

A baby testing positive for COVID-19 because of the infected mother took place on Friday at Attikon Hospital.

This is the first time it comes to the world that a baby tested positive for COVID-19 from the also infected mother.

The mother developed febrile fever and cough 10 days ago and both she and her husband underwent molecular testing, in which both tested positive.

Attikon Hospital. Covi
Attikon Hospital.

The baby boy, weighing 3,410 grams, was taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for follow-up.

The delivery was by caesarean section, which eliminates the possibility of vertical transmission during childbirth.

To date, all newborns born at Attica Hospital to mothers with the virus have tested negative after repeated examinations.