These are the new Greek police patrol cars (PHOTOS)

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Greek police will now sit behind the wheel of modern and completely safe vehicles.

The process of upgrading the patrol fleet continues at a steady pace.

The latest addition is 31 new Hyundai i30 patrol cars, which were delivered by Hyundai Hellas at the premises of the Hellenic Police in Amygdaleza, Attica.

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It is noted that all 31 vehicles will be given to the Region of Thessaly.

It is remembered that the Hyundai i30 is offered in a wide range of engines - diesel and petrol - as well as weaker hybrid engines (48V), with manual and automatic 7-speed gearbox (7-DCT).


The updated version of the small-medium-sized South Korean car has an elegant look, with a larger grille, slimmer headlights and redesigned bumpers.

In addition, the interior has a 10.5-inch touch screen (multimedia system), while the instrument panel is digital.

This latest additions come as the Greek police made a deal for 370 brand new Peugeot 308 model cars.

This article first appeared in Greek on News Auto.