General Konstantinos Floros inspects military in northern Greece (Photos)

General Konstantinos Floros.

The Chief of the General Staff of National Defense (GEETHA), General Konstantinos Floros, visited units and formations of the Armed Forces yesterday.

He exchanged Christmas greetings military personnel.

Specifically, General Floros visited the 116th battle wing in Araxos, the 25th guided missile squadron in Chrysoupoli, the XXV armored brigade in Petrochori, the headquarters of the 4th Army Corps in Xanthi, headquarters of the 7th Motorized Brigade in Provaton Evros, the headquarters of the XVI Motorized Infantry Division in Didymoteicho, as well as units and outposts in the border area.


As announced, during the visit, General Floros expressed his gratitude to the staff of the Armed Forces for their excellent effort and performance in the face of many months of Turkish provocations.

General Floros stressed the successful response to the hybrid threat of increasing migrant flows in Evros from February until today, achieving almost their elimination.

At the same time, he underlined constant vigilance to Turkish provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean region, while giving orders to remain alert.


In addition, he referred to the actions taken by the General Staff, under the direction of the Ministry of National Defense, to implement the government's announcements regarding the equipping of the Armed Forces with the acquisition of new military equipment or the upgrade of older ones.


Also, in the context of the reorganization of the Armed Forces, he pointed out the announcement to recruit of thousands of professional personnel.


Finally, during his stay in Evros, he inspected the fence under construction in the area of ​​Poros, where the works continue at an intensive pace.