Listen to newly performed Pontian Christmas Carols

Pontian Christmas Carols

Every region of Greece has their own unique traditions, but when we think of the lyra, most people will automatically think of Pontian music, despite its prevalence elsewhere, including Crete.

This Christmas period has seen a flurry of Pontian Greeks performing Christmas carols with the lyrics, and it is certainly a joy to listen to.

One such example is Konstantinos and Matthaios Tsachouridis, who uploaded their Christmas carol only yesterday.

Another was uploaded by the Cultural Association of Nea Lefki and the Cultural Association of Pentavrysos - "O Pontos". The participants are:

Nikolaos Grigoriadis (Lyraris), Sotiris Nikolaou (Daouli) and the Choirs: Aphrodite Nikolaou, Maria Pismiri, Parthena Aslanidou, Despina Paschalidou.

There was also another uploaded by Panagia Soumela Katerinis.

In fact YouTube is full of Pontian Christmas carols this year.


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