Garbage truck in Trikala spreading cheer on the roads

Garbage truck in Trikala spreading cheer on the roads

Garbage truck in Trikala spreading cheer on the roads

Workers from the Municipality of Trikala decorated a garbage truck with lights and then set out for the community they serve, dispensing holiday happiness along the way.

According to Deputy Mayor of Trikala George Ziogas, this initiative was undertaken to bring smiles to the young and old during the difficult days they are going through.

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“Expressing our love for 2020 in every way! It is time to throw 2020 in the trash, as it is the only thing that we do not want to recycle!” the Mayor of Trikala Dimitris Papastergiou posted on his Facebook.

Εκφράζοντας τον έρωτά μας για το 2020 με κάθε τρόπο!

Posted by Dimitris Papastergiou on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Greece’s tallest natural Christmas tree lighting moved online

Earlier this month, the city of Trikala officially lit up Greece’s tallest natural Christmas tree for 2020.

This year due to the covid-19 pandemic, countless celebrations have been cancelled, but officials salvaged the annual spectacular illumination of Greece’s tallest natural Christmas tree by converting it to a virtual event.

The 33-metre-tall natural Christmas tree is located at Iroon Polytechniou Square and it features lights, garlands, and a bright star, while the rest of the park has also been decorated with Christmas ornaments.

“The joy of Christmas warms the hearts of all even more during this difficult period of the pandemic,” the Municipality of Trikala stated.

The Mill of the Elves Christmas event, which is Greece’s largest Christmas theme park, did not take place this year.

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