Greece’s 2020 Box Office Hits

Greece's 2020 Box Office Hits

Greece's 2020 Box Office Hits

In 2020, the biggest box office hit in Greece was…. Sam Mendes’ World War I drama “1917”.

Although due to the COVID-19 pandemic, admissions dropped by 70% compared to 2019,  Greece’s biggest box office hit in 2020 sold 258,770 tickets.

For ten months during 2020, cinemas were closed or operating under strict measures.

Comparatively, the next most successful films in the same year were:

  • Slapstick comedy “Halvai 5-0” (220,820 tickets)
  • Romantic drama “Forever” (142,220 tickets)
  • Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller “Tenet” (108,000 tickets)
  • Family action fantasy “Jumanji: The Next Level” (93,210 tickets)
  • Romantic drama “Little Women”  (74,320 tickets)
  • Fantasy adventure film “Dolittle” (71,150 tickets)
  • Action/Comedy “The Gentlemen” (62,000 tickets)
  • Drama “The heist of the Century” (52,000 tickets)
  • Family adventure “Trolls World Tour” (46,380 tickets)
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