Greek celebrities under fire for New Year party in ‘Covid free’ Dubai


While Greece is experiencing a strict lockdown in order to combat the second wave of covid-19, a group of Greek celebrities are being criticised for travelling to Dubai where they attended a New Year's Eve party.

The party was held at Nammos Dubai, the 'twin brother' of the Mykonian Nammos.

The program included mainly Greek artists and DJs, such as Stefanos Korkolis, Sofia Manousakis, Antonis Dimitriadis and Vasilis Tsilichristos. 20210104 6

Dubai is considered covid free, has no lockdown measures and the bars and clubs are operating normally.

According to the measures taken by the health department of Dubai, tourists from Greece are required to do 2 COVID-19 PCR tests, one 96 hours before their departure, and another upon arrival in the Emirate. The visitor is obliged to stay in their hotel room until they receive the results from the second test. 

Social media users took to the internet to show their frustration with the celebrities as in Greece, they had to spend the changing of the year indoors.

The first group of Greek celebrities and entourage returned from Dubai on Sunday afternoon.

Before arriving back into Greece, they had to present a negative PRC test (conducted 72 hours beforehand) and also underwent rapid Covid tests after arriving at Athens International Airport

One of the passengers reportedly raised objections to the rapid test but had to comply or risk being prohibited from entering the country.

The Civil Protection had warned them that if they did not show a negative PCR test and undergo a Rapid test they wouldn’t be allowed to reenter Greece.

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