Turkish DM Akar: Greece cheats, lies and does everything to pressure us

Turkey’s so-called Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has claimed that Greece is “cheating with lies,” once again claiming that Turkey wants to negotiate but that Greek leaders are preventing this.

“He goes from door to door and cheats with lies,” said Akar about Greece.

“Greece is cheating with lies,” Akar continued, stressing that Athens is doing everything it can to put pressure on Ankara.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.

In an interview with the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, the Turkish Minister said that “Greece has issued 49 NAVTEX in the last three months, only two of which were active.”

“All the arguments they mention as problems are produced by them,” he continued.

“They are doing what they can to put pressure on Turkey. When we say ‘let’s sit down and talk’ it does not come close. They go from door to door and deceives with lies.”

Regarding the S-400s, the so-called Defense Minister said that Turkey has had relations with the United States for many years and that “you cannot take the issue of the S-400 among hundreds of issues and focus on it.”