“Evzones connect the past with the present and our future,” says Greek President

"Evzones connect the past with the present and our future," says Greek President

“The Evzones of the Presidential Guard are the custodians of our historical memory,” President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou said during the ceremony celebrating the Patron Saint of the Presidential Guard, new martyr Agios Georgios from Ioannina.

The Presidential Guards, Evzones, guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Hellenic Parliament 24/7. They stand proudly in perfect stillness, both motionless and expressionless, regardless of weather conditions; whether it’s a rainy winters night or the hottest summer day, you are guaranteed to catch them in action.  

“The Evzones connect the past with the present and our future. Our heritage, with our dynamic course, towards tomorrow” she added.

"Evzones connect the past with the present and our future," says Greek President

She also stated that they chose to cut the New Year’s vasilopita on the day when the Presidential Guard patron saint celebrates.

“This festive moment gives me the opportunity to emphasise, once again, the important mission of our Evzones: the honorary protection of the institution of Democracy,” Sakellaropoulou continued.

Evzones are an elite unit of the Greek army and it is the highest honour for a Greek Guard to be selected as an Evzone. The guards are handpicked according to their height (they must be a minimum of 1.9 meters), in excellent physical condition, they must have stamina and are disciplined and proud to serve their beloved country.

The Presidential Guard are the epitome of bravery and freedom, honouring the heroes thousands of years on, who fought and sacrificed for the land on which they stand on.

“On the 200th anniversary since the Revolution of 1821, their presence weighs double. Referring directly to the fighters of the Revolution, they symbolise the continuity of our nation and history,” she posted on Instagram.

“They are a living reminder of the values ​​we have fought for and defended in every phase of our national path: the values ​​of freedom, democracy, and our national sovereignty.”

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