Varoufakis calls for Greece to create a Casus Belli against Turkey

Yanis Varoufakis

The leader of the MeRA25 political party called for Greece to introduce a Casus Belli ("Cause of War") against Turkey when speaking in the plenary session of the Parliament focussed on the extension of territorial waters in the Ionian Sea to 12 nautical miles.

"We will vote 'yes' to the 12 miles, for the same reason that no serious person has an objection to medicate a cancer patients, it does not hurt, since we all know that the issue is in the Aegean," said Yanis Varoufakis about the extension of the Ionian to 12 n.m.

Greece Casus belli

However, he argued with the government that "there is no national strategy" and that "you are being dragged into bilateral negotiations under the auspices of Merkel and Biden".

"We say no to the submissiveness that is part of bilateral relations. And we say "no" in Berlin and Washington because there will be issues in a lot of media," Varoufakis said.

Yianis VaroufakisThe Secretary of MERA25 asked for a Greek Casus Belli.

"Do you want a real national strategy? Define today the greatest demands of our country and state which is the casus belli," he said.

"For the same reason, he called for the definition of "what will trigger a reaction of the armed forces" as well as the drawing of "red lines."