Theorist behind Turkey's "Blue Homeland" demands that Alexandroupolis be demilitarised

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The former head of the Turkish General Staff of the Navy and head of the Center for Naval and Strategic Studies at the University of Istanbul, has asked for the demilitarisation of Alexandroupolis to be raised in the upcoming Greece-Turkey exploratory talks.

In a post on the Center's account, the ideological father of the "Blue Homeland" doctrine, Cihat Yaycı, Turkey's failed attempt to steal Greek maritime space and islands, called for the Thracian city to be demilitarised.

Blue Homeland
Turkey's envisioned Blue Homeland that aims to steal Greek islands and maritime space.

He claimed that according to the Montreux Treaty, "Alexandroupolis has a demilitarized status," so military bases cannot operate in the area, implying U.S. interests in Evros.

1 7He specifically states:

"It is said that the base in Alexandroupolis is a base for transportation to Romania and the Black Sea. Turkey has no objections to this," he said.

"And yet, according to the Montreux Treaty, Alexandroupolis has demilitarized status and must be demilitarized. Therefore, according to the Montreux Treaty, the issue of demilitarization of the region must be raised again and discussed."