Major General Bakshi: “There will be consequences if Turkey misbehaves, Indian Navy must go to the Aegean”

Major General GD Bakshi

Retired Major General Gagan Deep Bakshi spoke with Penta Postagma about the Turkish-Pakistani nexus aimed against India and Greece.

Major General Bakshi believes that an alliance between Greece and India will be able to counter joint Turkish-Pakistani aggression.

The retired Major General explained that terrorism emanating from Pakistan has been responsible for the death of over 80,000 Indian citizens.

He explained that although India attacks terrorist bases in Pakistan and the Islamic Republic slows down its aggression as a result, with encouragement from Turkey, it is once again escalating violence.

“Pakistan is trying to restart terrorism. It is trying to restart the terrorism violence in India. And we have warned them, that if it does so […] it will pay a cost in blood, on its own soil,” Major General Bakshi said.

“And if Turkey thinks it can help, if Turkey has gone insane, to help terrorism all over the world… Turkey has already sent fighters into Syria. Turkey has sent fighters into Azerbaijan, into Armenia. Turkey has sent fighters in Libya,” he continued.

Major General Bakshi
Major General Bakshi.

“So the whole world is not Turkey’s property. So if Turkey wants to misbehave, there will be costs and consequences. And this where India and Greece can unite, pool forces, pool energies, to hit back at Pakistan-Turkey, this Axis of Radicalisation,” he added.

Major General Bakshi also suggested that the Greek Navy conduct joint exercises with the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean to improve joint operations, communications and interoperability, but also in the Aegean Sea.

“Indian Navy has the reach and the power. The Indian Navy is a very powerful navy,” he said.

“Very definitely we can hold hold joint exercises in the Aegean Sea with the Greek Navy so that we gain expertise, joint interoperability is facilitated, we learn one another’s procedures and languages so we can operate together when required,” he continued.

“And it is required, and I think the time has come to do that. I see no problem with our navy holding joint exercises with the Greek Navy,” he emphasised.

The retired Major General also emphasised that neither China or Turkey can save Pakistan from India if it continues its aggression, highlighting that in 1971 East Pakistan waged a successful War of Independence to become Bangladesh and separate from Pakistan.

“Last time their country broke into two, this time it could break into more pieces if they don’t behave themselves,” Major General Bakshi said.