Restoration works underway on Mount Athos

Restoration works underway on Mount Athos

 Restoration works underway on Mount Athos

A series of projects and renovation works are currently underway on Mount Athos in order to meet the energy needs of the Athonite State.

Recently, the study concerning the installation of solar panels on the peninsula was approved.

The energy production in the area is based on the operation of generators, which consume oil and firewood.

At the same time, a preliminary study is being carried out for the construction of biological treatment plants in all the monasteries, while restoration works have been carried out in all the wings and cells of the monastery buildings where monks and pilgrims live.

“We often carry out restorations in the buildings of Mount Athos. We have undertaken a large project for this very purpose long ago," the head of the Centre for the Preservation of Mount Athos Heritage (KEDAK), civil engineer and restorer, Ilias Partzinidis, told AMNA.

"But in general, life has changed, we are in the 21st century and, therefore, it is necessary to undertake new projects such as solar panel installation and biological treatment plants," he added.

The renovation works are being completed with the required care and respect for the natural environment, to make the foundations of the old monumental buildings even more solid.

"One of these specifications is that there is no visual contact from the monastery to the photovoltaics that supply it with energy," he continued.

"All this was taken into account, the appropriate positions were found for their installation, the appropriate positions were approved by the Board and we proceeded to the final scientific study to make the facilities," Partzinidis added.

Partzinidis characterises Mount Athos as a unique monument of cultural heritage, one of the most sacred spots on earth.

Visiting Sacred and Holy Mount Athos

In 2018, GCT spoke to 23-year-old Dimitri from Sydney, Australia, who visited Mount Athos and experienced a journey like no other.

“It’s something every man needs to do in their lifetime, especially for someone that is spiritual. You have to experience Mount Athos for yourself to understand the benefits you gain on a spiritual, mental and emotional level.”

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