Pfizer seeking Greek specialists for their new Digital Technology Hub in Thessaloniki


Pfizer is currently looking for employees of 25 different specialties to staff its Digital Technology Hub in Thessaloniki, Money Review reported.

The available jobs in Thessaloniki concern the following specialties:

  • Senior Associate, Network Engineer
  • Supply Chain Visibility Software Engineer
  • Supply Chain Analytics and Database Specialist
  • Product Metrics Analyst
  • Sr Manager Data Scientist x2
  • Associate, Portfolio & Operations
  • Sr. Mgr. Service Reliability Engineer
  • Software Development Team Leader
  • Scrum Master (Manager DevSecOps Applications)
  • Salesforce Engineer
  • Microservices Lead
  • Scrum Master (Manager, Solution Engineer -MARM)
  • Product Owner
  • Application Service Delivery Manager
  • Manager Analytics Solution Engineer
  • Corporate Affairs Digital Program Delivery Manager
  • Application Delivery Manager (RnD)
  • Visual Analytics Lead
  • Data Science Manager
  • Kaizen Facilitation and Agile Coaching Manager
  • Senior BI / Analytics Engineer
  • Lead Engineer for Web Publishing Roadmap (PHP / CMS)
  • DBA / DB Engineer for Technology & Infrastructure Liaison - Applications
  • Management
  • Senior Platform Engineer
  • Business Analyst / Digital Portfolio Manager.

Pfizer is already introducing the Digital Technology Hub in Thessaloniki to the university community as it sees significant prospects for synergies with educational institutions, while looking for their next employees from top students.

On November 19, 2020, the executives of the company presented the Digital Technology Hub to students of the Department of Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia.

The event, coordinated by Assistant Professor Konstantinos Fouskas, was attended by more than 130 students, as well as several faculty members of the school.

Participants were informed about the project and the future plans of the Hub and the career possibilities in it.

The Dean of the School of Information Sciences and President of the Department of Applied Informatics, Professor Alexandros Chatzigeorgiou, noted:

"After the great success of this event, both in terms of number of participants and the information we received, we look forward to further development with the Hub.

"These could include student internships, co-supervision of diplomas and dissertations, joint submission and collaboration on research projects, lectures, etc.

"The aim of the Department is not to limit its links with the Hub simply to the level of opportunistic actions, but to be able to effectively utilise its know-how on a more permanent basis."

Also, on December 2, 2020, the company's executives spoke to Pfizer's Hub through an online event for students and professors of the Department of Knowledge, Data and Web Technologies of the School of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


They discussed with them the work and plans of the Hub, as well as the opportunities that exist for cooperation in the field of research.

Also discussed were career opportunities that arise for students and graduates of the Department and the wider University.

During the discussion there were many questions from the University participants and several expressions of interest for jobs at the Hub.

Professor Nikos Vassiliadis, Director of the Department of Knowledge, Data and Web Technologies, noted:

"We had the opportunity to get acquainted with the very interesting technology objects that the Hub deals with, and to discuss ways of synergy between the Hub and the Department of Informatics in terms of teaching and research.

"The students had the opportunity to discuss with the representatives of the Hub the skills that are necessary for cooperation."

The head of Pfizer Digital Technology Hub in Pfizer Thessaloniki, Nico Gariboldi, said "I think this is a great way to start our collaboration with the University Community."

The graduates of the above faculties, as well as anyone interested, can be informed about the new jobs at the Hub on the Pfizer website.

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