The areas of Attiki that are currently undergoing a free COVID-19 rapid test

Attiki COVID-19

The National Organization of Public Health (EODY) are carrying out today free rapid COVID-19 test in areas of Attiki, Greece.

Specifically, from the morning free tests are performed in the following areas of Attiki, Greece:

  • Dafni
  • Ilion
  • Chaidari
  • Ano Liosia
  • Psihiko

Specifically, for Psihiko, it is clarified that the tests take place on 25th of March Street and in the parking lot of the Sklavenitis supermarket.Attiki is in the "deep red"

It is noted that Attiki remains in the "red", as yesterday a total of  1,322 new cases were confirmed out of a total of 2,633.

The distribution of cases in the Basin moved as in recent days, with the center of Athens gathering the newly confirmed cases.


  • 332 cases in P.E. Central Sector of Athens
  • 233 cases in P.E. Piraeus
  • 220 cases in P.E. Western Sector of Athens
  • 163 cases in P.E. Northern Sector of Athens


  • 161 cases in P.E. Eastern Attica
  • 118 cases in P.E. Southern Sector of Athens
  • 73 cases in P.E. West Attica
  • 22 cases in P.E. Nison.