Turkey attempted to push illegal immigrants into Greece for 14 hours


From Thursday night until Friday, Turkey organised coordinated efforts to push illegal immigrants and refugees into Greek territorial waters.

Turkey made seven attempts, in a radius of 50-100 nautical miles northeast of Lesvos, to illegally push people into Greece.

The whole saga lasted around 14 hours.

Coast Guard

Their movements were noticed through observations and radars on Greek boats.

The timeline of Turkish Coast Guard being located by their Greek counterparts:

04:30 the first location.

05:15 the second location.

07:50 First video incident.

08:28 Second video incident.

10:05 Incident seen on video against boat 137 of the Greek Navy.

13:32 Sixth location.

13:55 A boat with 28 people from Somalia and Afghanistan passed.

According to sources from the Greek Coast Guard, seven boats with 300 illegal immigrants and refugees were accompanied and guided by the neighbouring country's warship, six Coast Guard vessels and many drones.

Turkey escalated their efforts by taking advantage of the northeast wind that blew in the area in the hope it would push the migrant boats into Greece's territorial waters.

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