Run Messinia: Run for Freedom in June

Run Messinia: Run for Freedom in June

Run Messinia: Run for Freedom in June

Run Messinia, an ultramarathon race covering a distance of approximately 421km, will take place in Messinia, Peloponnese, during June 5-14.

Dedicated to Greece’s bicentennial of the 1821 Revolution, the ultramarathon’s “Run for Freedom” edition, will include 10 marathons that will take place over 10 consecutive days.

They will pass by historic places and monuments in Messinia, Laconia and Arcadia, which have ties to the Greek revolution.

Run for Freedom:
  • 1st route from Areopoli of the East Mani Municipality, will pass through Stoupa of the West Mani Municipality and end in Kardamyli
  • The 2nd route, starting from Kardamyli, will pass through Verga of the Kalamata Municipality and end in the city of Kalamata
  • In the 3rd route, athletes starting from Kalamata will cross Nedousa and finish in Alagonia
  • During the 4th route, runners starting from Alagonia will pass through Dyrachio and Neochori of the Megalopoli Municipality and complete their effort in Poliani of the Kalamata Municipality
  • From Poliani, during the 5th route, participants will cross Skala and end up in Paloukorahi of the Oichalia Municipality
  • The 6th route will highlight historical places of the Oichalia Municipality, as the athletes starting from Paloukorahi will cross Katsarou, Solaki, Meropi, Loutro, Diavolitsi, Ano Psari, Dorio and end up at the statue of Kolokotronis in Ramovouni
  • In the 7th route starting from Ramovouni, the runners will pass through Zerbisia of the Messini Municipality, Kalogeresi, Saint Nikitas Sellas and Tripyla of the Trifylia Municipality, in order to reach Maniaki of the Pylos-Nestor Municipality
  • In the 8th route, participants will start from Maniaki, pass through Agios Andreas of the Messini Municipality and Kato Minagia and finish in Koroni
  • The 9th route will move exclusively within the Pylos-Nestor Municipality from Koroni, to Methoni and then to Pylos
  • The 10th and final route of 'Run for Freedom' starting from Pylos, will provide runners with the opportunity of passing through Neokastro, observing Sphacteria and Paleokastro, while crossing Kremmidia and Schinolakka

Run Messinia: Run for Freedom in June

Every day, a total of 10 athletes will participate in each race. The confirmed runners (so far) include:

  • Marios Giannakou, Al Marmoum Desert Ultramarathon Finisher (270km)
  • Ioannis Dimopoulos, Spartathlon Ultra Race Finisher (246km), Running Coach, Spartan Runners Club
  • Dean (Konstantine) Karnazes, The Ultra Marathon Runner, 50 Marathons – 50 States in U.S.A. – 50 Days, one of the 100 most influential people in the world, according to TIME magazine
  • Vasiliki Karpouza, Ultra Marathon Runner
  • Vasilis Koumanakos, Marathon des Sables Finisher (Sahara 250km), Health Runners Club of Messinia (SDYM)
  • Jo Manta, Spartathlon Ultra Race Finisher (246km)
  • Christos Mavrikios, Spartathlon Ultra Race Finisher (246km)
  • Georgia Mitsiou, Badwater Ultramarathon Finisher (217km), Spartathlon Ultra Race Finisher (246km)
  • Athanasios Michas, Ultra Marathon Runner
  • Katerina Sapari, Bronze medal ITU Aquabike World Championship, Triathlete
  • Angela Terzi, Spartathlon Ultra Race Finisher (246km)
  • Christian Tsantoulas, 1st winner of The Road Between the 2 Towers (595km – 14 Marathons in 24 days)
  • Dimitris Troupis, Pyrenees Stage Run Finisher (240km)
  • Runners from the Health Runners Club of Messinia (SDYM)
  • Runners from the Spartan Runners Club

The event will be held based on the strict health and safety protocol and the approval of the Health Scientific Committee of the General Secretariat of Sports, with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic conditions.

In order to avoid any excess interactions and overcrowding, up to 10 runners will compete in each route, while a Covid-19 test being mandatory for all.

In case the epidemiological data improve, an increase in the number of participating runners will be considered.

More information on the schedule and routes, will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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