Foreigners arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants into Greece

illegal foreigner

Two foreigners were arrested on Friday night by the Security Office and Central Port Authority of Rhodes Special Missions Unit of participating in a criminal organisation and facilitating illegal entry, transport and illegal residence of migrants.

Initially the 34 year old and 29 year old foreigners tried to flee arrest but were quickly caught.

From investigations carried out in the wider area of Theologos-Soroni, five illegal immigrants were arrested.

Subsequently, according to the testimonies of the 34 year old, another illegal immigrant was arrested, while both pointed to the 29 year old as the person from whom they were receiving instructions.

The Directorate of Security and Maritime Borders Protection is analysing and processing in depth all the evidence that has emerged.

They are investigating the possible extension of their illegal activities on other islands of the East Aegean, as well as their cooperation with other members of organised networks with the same or similar criminal activities.

This is a positive sign that the Hellenic Coast Guard and the local police are taking their job seriously by stopping illegal migration and prosecuting those who facilitate human trafficking.

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