John Stamos Mentors American Idol Top 9 at Walt Disney World

John Stamos

The American Idol top nine travelled to Walt Disney World for a one-on-one session with VIP mentor John Stamos as they prepare for Sunday’s Disney Nightbut first the winner of the Comeback competition will be revealed, and the Top 10 will be complete.

“When they said, ‘Do you want to be a mentor on American Idol?’ I said, ‘You’re kidding, right?’” the actor said.

“I feel like they would hear me sing one note and say, ‘Stamos, stop!’ But I did come up with some stuff that I thought made sense and will help their performances, so I’m looking forward to seeing if they’ve taken my advice and if it helps them," he added.

The Top 9 will get their one-on-one mentoring sessions with Stamos at Disney World and will try their hand at performing a tune from the world-famous Disney songbook.

See the video with Ryan Seacrest.

Credit: OAWRS Zoom